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The dream of any company is to reach out to its clients with information that will compel them to take a closer look at the services being offered by that company. Today, the use of websites has become the norm with many organizations, developing their websites. Whether you choose to have an internet website or an intranet, the aim is always to give information in a manner that can be useful to the recipient. Our company has takenĀ Web development in Chicago to the next level by the use of creative means to communication.

Everybody is screaming loud - "You have to use Wordpress for blog! Wordpress only!". Okay, we agree... but... if you decide to expand your site with more advanced features and keep it only one website (same URL) it can be hard.

One of the most important steps starting new website or rebuilding the old one is planing. Planing starts with the idea of what is going to be done with the site, what functions if will have and finally how many visitors the website will have. Having all the factors in mind it's very important to choose the right hosting for your website.

Everybody today is very anal about social networks, sharing, etc... More people reading your stuff - more traffic you get. On of the great ways to get traffic and let somebody "follow" you is RSS. It's simple, it's easy and it makes it easy for even more mature Internet users to follow you.

Everybody is saying "Social networks are so powerful. Facebook is suck a good idea!". We totaly agree, but let's see how it would work in real life. Nice work guys!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 19:00

Is your website Facebook ready?

Are you sure you are using all the power of social networks ? Of facebook in particular? Make sure that your website is ready for facebook and when your website link is shared you control what appears on Facobook.

Are you on Google ? What's your target audience ? How many visitors you expect to get ? What are the best keywords to find your content ? How do people search ? How many people search for this word in your country ? Globally? Those are the core questions when starting a website, updating it and writing new blogs.

There are some certain rules when it comes to non-profit website design. First of all if you are designer or design company and you want to succeed in this project you must ask a question: who will be responsible for design and development approvals. It definetely can't be the whole organization - it just doesn't work this way when it comes to design.

Thursday, 23 February 2012 18:00

Heymaan loves jQuery

Here is what we found useful and interesting to watch : , check it your self! Thanks to Jeffrey Way for putting everything together so nicely. 

So you have your news site build and ready to roll with it?! Nice and congrats! But what about the traffic that you had to your old site? What about your old links? Keep the traffic you had - redirect traffic to your new links. Here is a way to do it using .htaccess file in your website root folder...


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